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Aircraft management service description

Above and Beyond has put together the right team with the right systems to offer a safe and efficient aircraft management solution for your aircraft. The systems that we employ allow us to maintain a safe efficient operation while keeping you the owner updated with the status of your aircrafts location, maintenance status and much more, all with a simple login.

Above and Beyond Aviation Services works with Transport Canada to ensure the aircraft is operated within the regulations and available for commercial operations offsetting ownership cost.

Safety Management System Establishment

We at Above and Beyond Aviation believe safety above all else. With that belief we have set up a Safety Management System (SMS). The SMS allows us to monitor any concerns that may affect the safety of the operations.

Flight Crew management and scheduling Services

Our flight management software tracks our crews duty time, training, and schedule all in one spot. This reduces the risk a crew will not be available when your aircraft is needed. All flights will be crewed by two qualified pilots.

Maintenance Management

Our Person Responsible for Maintenance has 35+ years in the aviation maintenance field, as well as vast understanding of flight operations. This knowledge and experience ensure that your aircraft is maintained to the highest standard. Our flight management software allows us schedule maintenance with the entire picture reducing aircraft downtime and increasing dispatch reliability.

Investment Opportunity

Above and Beyond Aviation are always looking for individuals or companies that are looking to put an aircraft to work. We are confident that we have the solution to meet your needs, we can also customize a program for you.


Most frequent questions and answers

When buying an aircraft it is important to understand that it comes with other fixed costs (Insurance, Pilots, Hangar, Maintenance, etc). Therefore buying an aircraft should only be considered if it’s to be flown enough to make the fixed cost worth it. Through our consultation if it is deemed not a fit we can explore other methods transportation such as Fractional Ownership, Aircraft charter with an operator would may be a better option.

Above and Beyond Aviation Services will establish a mission profile by looking at the requirements. Considering the average distance to be flown, the airport nearest you, frequency of the trips, average number of passengers and taking into place the cabin preference and analyzing budget, will all be factors in the choice of aircraft to purchase. We will work with you and a professional aircraft broker to make this a smooth process .

Time saving: Corporately owned aircraft reduces the total travel time by enabling you to land at smaller airports closer to your destination, reduced time in security line, no sitting around airport terminal waiting to board. We can increase productivity the aircraft becomes an extension of the office corporations find this a huge benefit. Privacy: Private conversations can take place on your aircraft are possible due to the cabin configuration. Flexibility: You will not need to alter your schedule according to Commercial Airlines, and you will have the freedom to change your destination up to the departure, depart and arrive at your own schedule. Corporate Development: Your Corporate Aircraft can facilitate the executives to be able to quickly travel when the need arises. Marketing Benefits: An aircraft could potentially further your sales opportunities and pay for itself, as it could quickly bring customers to the point of sale. Imagine a potential client wants a demo but the airline schedule will not work! Your aircraft will be sitting there waiting for you and ready to go.

Operating an aircraft requires the right team of people, Operations Manager, Chief Pilot, Person Responsible for Maintenance, and you’d have to set up a Operating Certificate, coordinate with Transport Canada all task that Above and Beyond has done. Flying the plane is the easy part. In addition you may need to develop a business interface to deal with all aircraft related bills and tax implications. However, a Transport Canada Approved Air Operator will have the entire infrastructure that is necessary in place to get your aircraft into productive use as quickly as possible. Above and Beyond also takes all the ownership hassles such as Annual Pilot Training, Hangar Fees, Maintenance Management and Etc. away from you.

There are minimum standards set out by Transport Canada, your insurance provider may have limits based on the level of training the pilots receive. At  Above and Beyond Aviation we do not believe in doing things to the minimum, we will implement training plans that exceed the minimum requirements. This may vary depending on the aircraft type, category and pilots experience level will determine how quickly they complete our training programs.

In today’s marketplace, the ability to show how important a client is to you by getting to them or them to you on a cooperate aircraft, this will set the tone moving forward. There is saying that says: if an aircraft can further your opportunities, it pays for itself.

Fractional ownership, is two or more owners jointly share the acquisition and ownership costs of an aircraft, this is more common then you may think. This option may allow you to have the benefits of private air travel at a fraction of the cost. You will still have access to your own aircraft and Above and Beyond Aviation will look after all of the scheduling of the aircraft.


If you wish to have you logo or or the aircraft painted ion your company colors that is an option. This would be a great method to promote your company.

Above and Beyond Aviation Services Inc. is proud to offer Aircraft Acquisition Services. The first step is to set up a complimentary consultation session to create you mission profile and choose the right aircraft type meeting your requirements. Once we have determined the most suitable aircraft type, we connect with a professional broker to work us through the acquisition process. Once we have located the the aircraft and decide to move forward, our experienced maintenance engineer will review the maintenance record and have a pre-purchase inspection completed on the selected aircraft.