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by Bradley Tucker

Have you ever asked yourself if my business would benefit from owning an aircraft? What size of aircraft would be suitable for us? What are the benefits of owning our own Aircraft?

When people talk of companies owning a cooperate aircraft what is the first thing you think of? I am sure right now you are thinking of a large luxury Jet. Stop right there!!

There are so many options when it comes to owning your aircraft for personal and business travel. The aircraft type and size will depend on many factors, like how many people will be traveling, what are the main destinations, what is my budget.

When thinking of adding an aircraft to your list of business tools and assets do not get caught up in the idea of a big fancy luxury jet. You want to have something that makes sense for your business. You may want to start as small as a C172, or a light twin like a Piper Navajo, maybe your requirements will put you into an entry-level turbine like the PC12.

I know you are wondering what these aircraft types are, one of the things we at Above and Beyond Aviation Consulting do is assist you to navigate the wonderful world of Aviation. We will guide you through the decision-making process. So, let’s look at some of the benefits of owning an Aircraft.

1. Avoid the hassles of the airports– Who likes to arrive at the airport 2 hrs early for the flight to wait in a security line, pass security then wait to board. Do you like to plan your schedule around when the airlines make their money? See with your own aircraft no matter what the size of your aircraft, you will not have to arrive 2 hrs early, no security lines, and best of all it will be on your schedule when you fly.

crowd of people edited

2. Get to your destination quicker– when you avoid the airport hassles and can fly to airports closer to your final destination. Your own aircraft makes an onsite client meeting and being home for dinner a reality. More time with those that matter the most!!

dinner with the fam

3. Be more productive– with your own aircraft you can be more productive. Instead of wasting time with the airport hassles Instead, you could be on board your own aircraft with the privacy where you and your staff can prep for the meeting ahead. Recap and plan the next step on the way home all before dinner.

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4. Image– Several years back I spoke with the owner of a very successful food business about his corporate flight department. He told me that his flight department costs him, however when he needs to meet a client and can be there in person last minute his clients know that their business is that important to get him to their location ASAP. Imagine you have a client you want to bring to town for a visit o your location. You send your aircraft to bring them to you with all the perks of private air travel. NOW THAT IS IMAGE RIGHT!!

wysluxury private jet air charte

5 . Work hard and play harder– Why not bring the family and turn the trip into a vacation at the end of a successful meeting. The flexibility of your own aircraft will allow you to schedule business with pleasure, take the family no additional flight cost.

Private Jet Family 1
Family by airplane

If you think you or your company would enjoy from any of the benefits, let Above and Beyond Aviation Consulting guide you through the process. Contact us today.




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